Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skyfall- The Movie

I have been wanting to catch this movie since it was released on 1 Nov, but I wanted to try to avoid the crowds, and also to avoid the bad experience of having my movie being cut off halfway in the movie theatre when I caught another James Bond movie some years ago. At that time, Pierce Bronsan was the James Bond, if my memory had served me right.

I would like to thank Evelyn & Weng Kiat for agreeing to watch the movie with me. As stated outside the theatre, I am not supposed to share what happened in the movie so as not to spoil the enjoyment of the movie, so I shall not be sharing the details of the movie here.

The movie as a whole was rather action packed but with a tinge of sadness as well. I would give the movie full marks and would recommend you guys to catch it. =)


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