Sunday, December 02, 2012

1st Birthday Celebration In Birthday Month

It was supposed to be a birthday celebration with 4 ladies from my IRAS Volunteer friends and Grassroots Leaders friends, but Angela & Kerlyn are having their exams so it ended up with a simple celebration with me, Xiuling & Wendy.


Dinner was at Jack’s Place at Nex at the suggestion of the birthday gal. The Oreo cheesecake was at the request of the birthday gal, which I got it at Four Leaves.

I felt that the standard of service at the Jack’s Place at Nex needs to be improved as we had to call for our cake to be served at least twice. When Wendy had to call the service staff for the 3rd time, we were already rushing the movie and had to rush through the cake cutting until we forgotten about taking photos of the cake cutting.

The standard of the desert has also dropped. It makes me wonder if I want to try Jack’s Place next time.

After the dinner, it was time for movie. Since there was no “Cold War” showing at Nex, we decided to catch the animated film, Rise of The Guardians as I know that the ladies love animation films. I personally feel that the movie is nice, worth my time to go to the cinema in the morning to get the tickets at discounted price.

After the movie, Wendy, Xiuling & myself went to the MacDonald’s, where we got our birthday gift, Capitalland Voucher from Angela, Kerlyn, Xiuling. I would like to thank the 4 ladies for the gift. As I did not know what I wanted in the first place, and I know that most of them are not well remunerated,  I did not dare to ask for an expensive present.

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