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False Hope In The Start of The Year 2013

I seldom talk about my work on this blog of mine as I have been very happy in the course of my work as my boss has been treating me well, giving me chances to prove myself, and recognising my good performance with good rewards. As a result, this firm has become my longest serving job.

Recently, as we felt that the corporate tax work was getting too demanding, with all the legislation changes, so my boss finally agreed to hire a new staff in late October to help out with the workload. However, during this time, my colleague, who was due to give birth, went on maternity leave, as a result, we were working with 4 members in our team.

When the colleague came back to work after the start of the New Year, my boss and all of us were hoping that the stressful period will be behind us, but on the second week of her return, she dropped the bombshell that she would be resigning and will serve notice till mid Feb. Although, as a team, we understood why she resigned, as her newborn will not be well taken care of as her mum is going back to their home country to take care of her dad, but to my boss, she was so angry & upset with my colleague, as my boss had saved her from further bully tactics from the corporate secretarial department by transferring her to our department. My boss had given her paid maternity leave & bonus as well. Some of my other colleagues from other departments felt that her bonus should be prorated.

To avoid having a working mother, whose heart will be with her child while working and an unhappy boss who felt that she did her best to protect her staff when the need was required, my boss asked her to end her notice period today.

This means that I would be taking over from whatever tasks that she left. I would like to thank Cynthia for showing faith in me that I would be able to handle the additional tasks well.

This taught me a good lesson on HR, which is never to resign almost immediately when you are back from long leave or after taking bonus .



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