Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Are Some People So Thick Skin?

I had received a surprise phone call from one of my cousins early this morning, just as I was about to set out to Marine LIfe Park.

This cousin of mine told me that one of my friends, whom I introduced her some years ago had asked her for a loan, despite meeting her only once. I have since cut off contact with this friend of mine, also because of money issues about 4 years ago. I have since advised my cousin not to let her any money, unless she wish to see the last of her money lent to her.

Something left me rather disturbed. Why is it that up to now, ever since I know her, she has been going around asking people for loans, living off friends’ friendly credit terms, and now, you have the cheek to ask from a person that you have only met once?

Just hope that this person can really change for the better as I believed she has married and her behaviour still leaves much to be desired.

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